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“It is not about bits, bytes and protocols, but profits, losses and margins.”
This is how our CEO (Mr. Gaurav Yadav) thinks, we did not wanted to develop a piece of INTERNET HISTORY or Technology which may be of no use to our users. Yes, we have been developing a piece of Technology which would help our users into every step of there decision making process, give them a structured approach and help them by providing crucial data at the right place and right time. A user is of no concern about the hardcore words being used to mention the core technology behind the product.

In, order to prove the above dilemma, we have worked for two years testing various patterns, platforms, open source softwares and a few paid ones. Going through all the case studies we settled on using Cloud Computing & offering a SAAS software which would definitely be a fruitful & cost effective solution for our users.

Gaurav Yadav