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New Admission Management

This module helps to track your marketing statistics, with the below mentioned features:admission_open

  1. Receive applications online.
  2. Let the faculty and staff of your institution take part into the marketing activity and give you referrals.
  3. Track a list of staff who gave the maximum referrals.
  4. Store, all conversations to a specific student and keep updated with the real time marketing initiatives by your staff.
  5. Transfer of calls, from one staff to another to make the student satisfied with all his queries.
  6. Upload a per formatted list of students from excel.
  7. Create next appointment lists for your marketing staff, and keep track of them.

This would help the institution overcome the following:

a. An, institution loses focus with many new admission inquiries.

b. As, a proper information channel is not planned hence, inquiries are missed and follow-ups couldn’t be obtained.

Hence, the software could be fruitful for attaining new admissions.