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What is USP?


1. Specific Requirements Addressed

a. Library and Accounting software’s are widely available within the market, at low costs. As, these software’s have a higher demand and could be implemented within any organization, a college could buy these at lower costs.

b. EDUFRUIT has worked over those modules which are not available at bulk pricings in the market. Even, those companies which have developed the same thing have a comparatively higher pricing.

c. Other, companies which work for similar models have invested huge capital in order to develop the software, which makes a very high cost infrastructure for them. And, definitely these costs are to be beard by the customer.

2. Niche Market / Customer Segmentation

a. Edufruit has got a niche market .i.e. Colleges. This helps us to segment our Customer.

3. Lowest Pricing offered

4. Zero Infrastructure Requirements

5. Zero Setup or Installation charges